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Have you ever tried the Nashville Predator?


I don't even know...

I don't even know...

The whole concept for Homer Eroticism came about as a result of a discussion OD and I had regarding which professional sports team’s name sounds the most like a freaky sexual maneuver. I figure it was time to present this discussion to the public. Without further ado, here are some of my nominations. I imagine once OD weighs in on the matter, we will set up some sort of a vote to determine the ultimate winner.

The Texas Ranger
The Cleveland Indian
The Detroit Tiger
A New York Yankee (“dude, she gave me a little ‘New York Yankee,’ if you know what I mean” )
The Tampa Bay Ray
The Pittsburgh Pirate
The Houston Astro
The Arizona Diamondback
The San Francisco Giant
The Colorado Rocky
The Florida Marlin

The Portland Blazer
The Charlotte Bobcat
The Milwaukee Buck
The Chicago Bull
The Memphis Grizzly
The New Orleans Hornet
The Orlando Magic
The Dallas Maverick
The Denver Nugget
The Detroit Piston
The Toronto Raptor
The San Antonio Spur
The Oklahoma City Thunder
The Minnesota Timberwolf
The Washington Wizard

The Buffalo Bill
The Miami Dolphin
The Dallas Cowboy
The New York Giant
The Philadelphia Eagle
The Washington Redskin
The Baltimore Raven
The Chicago Bear
The Green Bay Packer
The Minnesota Viking
The Jacksonville Jaguar
The Tennessee Titan
The Atlanta Falcon
The Tampa Bay Buccaneer
The Denver Bronco
The Oakland Raider
The San Diego Charger
The St. Louis Ram

The New Jersey Devil
The Pittsburgh Penguin
The Nashville Predator
The Buffalo Sabre
The Ottawa Senator
The Calgary Flame
The Colorado Avalanche
The Minnesota Wild
The Atlanta Thrasher
The Carolina Hurricane
The Florida Panther
The Phoenix Coyote
The San Jose Shark

So those are my nominations. The names in bold are my personal favorites. Respond with any I may have missed, as well as potential descriptions of what some of these moves might entail. We’ll throw up a poll after some leaders emerge.

-Mr. Snappy


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