Master Debates: Erin Andrews v. Rachel Nichols




You’ve seen the arguments (ErinRachel). Now it’s time for the people to decide:



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8 responses to “Master Debates: Erin Andrews v. Rachel Nichols

  1. Mr. Snappy

    Your bias is evident in the layout…

  2. Overdramatica

    Purely alphabetical order. Also, it’s not my fault that only one good-looking picture of Rachel Nichols exists on the internet.

  3. That’s a great point OD, and WOW that picture of Erin is phenomenal.

  4. Jimmy Martinez

    Check your picture of Rachel Nichols, I don’t think that is really her. She has blue eyes and longer eyebrows. Get the facts right next time, please. I think it is just a preference issue, and I for one much prefer Rachel, what a doll!

  5. matt

    fuck she’s awesome

  6. JOE

    Erin Andrews looks better but not only that Rachel Nichols sounds like shes sing song-ing her reports. I know they all have a script and or teleprompter, with her you can really tell she has little to no knowledge of what shes talking about.

  7. JOE

    Oh btw if your confused their are 2 women named rachel nichols. One is an ESPN reporter and the other is in movies like G.I. Joe. That is a photo of the ESPN reporter.

  8. hamid

    i wanna fuck rachel nichols

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